Thursday, 28 February 2019

February 2019

Also the nexy day, all the chocolates and lovey dovey stuff is discounted and that's pretty neato. Ruari and I celebrated Valentines late because we were both working the actual day (Ruari during the day/afternoon and me during the evening/night. Brutal!) but I gave him a heart shaped pizza at the end of my shift, which is romantic af, get on my level.

Anyway, how was your February? Mine went like this...


Not the first time I tried it but the first time I managed to actually finish and share my daily comics with people! Here was my February 1st, featuring snow, thirst and some pretty good dice rolls.

Not the most eventful day (Ruari's sudden car issue that was hastily resolved aside) but a pleasant one nonetheless!

ART vs ARTIST 2019

Now that I have art that I've actually completed/feel more comfortable sharing (thank you, Progress Not Perfection mantra!), I'm actually able to participate in more social media artist hashtags! This is a big deal for me. I couldn't choose which one I wanted to share though: one with more general art or one with some Crumbs of Wisdom... so I said heck to the rules and did them both anyway!

I liked the selfie so I used it for both pics, big whoop, wanna fight about it


Honestly, this is the year of finally managing to do things that I haven't been able to the previous year for whatever reason. I actually designed these last year but never got around to finishing them. Which was a good thing cos they looked pretty pants. Luckily, I have myself enough time to finish them this year and I think they're pretty neato! A nice little thing for the kind people that appreciate and support my little therapy project.

Also I suppose for Ruari as well... although he got his own picture tbh and I don't want him to get greedy.

Ruari's been super addicted to Fallout 4 and is part of the Minutemen. His companion is Codsworth who we would both honestly die for. Luckily, I don't think we can actually die, not like Fallout 3 where we'd have to go back to a previous save if Dogmeat ever got killed. I refuse to let him die, miss me with that.

Anyway, I love you Ruari <3 thank you for supporting this birdbrained binch


My charms arrived this month! After much nervous waiting ("Did I send the right files with the right colours? Did I put the loop in the right place? Oh god, will the pigeons look as good in print? What if people won't buy them? Oh god aaaaaaaAAAAAAAAA-") they arrived and looked absolutely GORGEOUS, if I do say so myself. Once my heart gems and tiny loops arrived, I was able to get to work on them properly and here is the end result!

I love how the heart gems look on them but I might make them optional. Although they are easy to remove if people don't like/want their keyring to have them. Idk, they're fun to put on, goshdangit.

In other news, I got prints that I'm working on, for cons and exhibitions and whatnot. Check out these two! Some more universal expressions which a twist of some sort. If possible, I'd love to make the moon, stars and text in the 'Love You To The Moon' print glow in the dark. If there's any local print places that can help a chick out, I'd love to make it happen! Otherwise I'll sell it as is cos it's cute.

Also the Binch one is great, something of a compromise between me and my Mum who suggested I do "You Call Me A Bitch Like It's A Bad Thing" as a print/something to sell. While I know many folk who would dig that, it kind of goes against Crumbs as a brand... although that said I swear like a sailor who stubbed their toe so maybe it could work. But the word 'Binch' makes it stand out and works with the whole cute bird feel I'm going for so, eh.

And here's a little look at another print I'm working on. I got inspired during a walk after seeing daisies growing on the ground and it made me think how Sweet would absoLUTELY make daisy chains, crowns, belts and all sorts for her pigeon friends, family, milkman and so on. While not the most dynamic piece, I think a nice straightforward picture can be just as effective.

I can't seem to stop coming up with ideas for Sweet. Luckily people seem to like her a lot so it's not a problem or anything but I wanna make sure my other birds get some love too!

I wanted to get more Redbubble work done but time got away from me... next month though, you'll see more stuff. Promise!


I've had a few donations to my kofi recently, which has been so awesome! In order to thank these sweet beans, I've taken to drawing their favourite pigeon for them (if they have one, otherwise I pick at random) and if I get donations throughout the month, I'll share their present image on the blog to share their kindness and generosity!

I wasn't sure if the mystery person didn't want to reveal themselves or something so I had to pick a pigeon for them. Sweet seemed to be a safe bet. I gotta see if I can get some Sugar love out there a bit more. She's a shy bean so maybe she's okay staying out of the spotlight but I'm sure she'd appreciate some friendos as well! 

Thank you all again for your kindness. These were fun to work on and they're good practice to draw my birds in cute poses/sharing sweet messages!


I drew dogs again because I live vicariously through other people who have animals in their everyday life. Maybe one day that'll be me again but until then, I'm drawing cute puppers and cattos and others.

For now, it's only dogs. Here's Eric!

Eric is a French Bulldog that I had the pleasure of hanging out with last month. He's such a good boy! His gentle and calm nature has made him a wonderful therapy god, going around to care homes to cheer up patients and the elderly. I would die for this dog and probably will.

Also here's a cool thing! If any of y'all in the North East get the Chronicle, Eric is in the Precious Pets competition as entrant number 1955! Aside from being a good sweet bean, the prize money would be a big help for his surgery to improve his breathing at the end of the month. 

I mean come on, LOOK AT HIM! I just wanna smoosh his little cheekies and kiss his wrinkly little head and boop his little nosey posey and hnnnnNNNGGGGG

... ahem, so, uh, yes. Vote for Eric! So far you can only vote by getting the Chronicle newspaper, cutting out the slip and posting it but if an online voting option becomes available, I'll link it on here!

And now for one more dog with a... umm... interesting name. But a big heart and even bigger fluff.

Do yourselves a favour and follow this youtube account. And then this instagram. And then the facebook. Cumlord probably has other accounts too but the YouTube is where it's at mostly. I did my best trying to capture that majestic mane of fluff. A good boy. A good boy indeed.

Give him a shrimpy.

And finally, uuuhhhhh well I decided to change my pigeon's colours to look like my hair and eyes. Personalise her a bit, you know? Although my natural hair colour is pretty much grey by now anyway BUT I like ash red pigeons so I wanted to make her one. And as I'm the one with the pencil and a copy of photoshop, I say make it so! And I did.


Righto, goals for March... well, I didn't finish my zine or the Redbubble plans like I wanted to do. I've actually been struggling mentally (which isn't new tbh) but also physically for the past month, with my aches and pains getting worse the past couple of weeks, aching all over to the point where I'm in agony after a shift, I can't wake up early enough to get lots of art done and I've been getting frustrated with myself. But I know pushing myself won't help matters and only make things worse; I need to work within my limits... but the issue is that I don't really know what exactly my limits ARE. I'm hoping I can discuss this with my GP and see what I can do.

In the meantime, I'm going to keep being productive where I can while not working myself into the ground. I know that for now, my priorities are business cards, Crumbs of Wisdom, prints and perhaps some other small merchandise ideas. The keyrings are sorted now but I need business cards to arrive before I can start packaging them and preparing them for sales. With any luck, my online store will be up and running within the next few months once I have the products in my hands to sell. And I'm keeping my eyes and ears open for any local markets that might work well. I'll announce these on my social medias if I'm making an appearance so keep an eye on them!

As for a to-do list, I'm telling myself this-

Working on ONE print/piece a day is mandatory. Planning/working on future pieces is optional (depending on how my head and entire achy breaky body is doing).

Like I say, I'm still working out my limitations. As it is right now, my hands and arm are in a LOT of pain from typing this out but damnit, I wanted it done. Also the train to Sleepy Time Junction seems to be delayed... again... for me... starting to think this is the wrong platform. Don't worry though, I'm going to go and rest myself now that this entry is out of the way.

Anyhow, I'll catch you all next month! In the meantime, feel free to follow me on the links below. Take care and be good to yourselves, folks! <3

Thursday, 31 January 2019

January 2019

Okay so I think I may have finally found a use for this blog!

Because I can't seem to let blogspot go no matter how many other social medias I have, I've decided to make this blog a monthly project. I'll share art that I have done, any news about Crumbs that I have and any other developments that may occur. It won't be anything that you won't see on my social medias but I feel like it'll be handy to have everything that happened in one month in one place. Plus, it'll be a lot easier to reflect on how my work is doing and how I'm developing as a person. I dunno, I find that sort of thing interesting.

I'll start each entry with an image I did for my Crumbs calendar, an idea I had far too late to make enough of them to actually sell to people so instead created a bunch for christmas presents for people and now I'm using the images at the top of the entry to introduce

So! The start of a new year! And for me, I think the boot up the butt I needed to get going.


I did a really nice Christmas image that I totally forgot to upload on here. to share Christmas wishes and season's greetings and all that fun stuff. If I still like it by Christmas this year, I might make it into a Christmas card, either for myself to give to people or to sell to others... hmmm...

Speaking of selling things, I've finally begun working on merchandise for my pigeons! I have a definite place at Sunnycon this year and I'm keeping my eyes and ears out for more potential places to have a table at. One of the items I'll be selling is charms of Sweet, Sugar, Spice and Salty, as shown above. This is a rough look of course; I wanted to see how the coloured acrylic might look. I don't know how they'll come out but I'm hoping they look okay when they get here! We should have our answer by the next entry, should all go well.

Once the charms arrive and I'll finally be able to put them together to sell, I intend to open an etsy shop. In order to advertise this, I've designed business cards that people can take from my table and for me to include with their purchases (I also have a general design, which I haven't included here). I want to give the customer the choice of what pigeon and/or message they want to take with them, although they'd be free to take as many as they wanted.

I've also been revamping my old Redbubble shirts as I look at the designs and cringe now. I'm keeping the old ones on Redbubble, in case people prefer the old ones but I'll be uploading the updated ones within the next week. 'Resting Pidge Face' is actually already on there, in case you haven't been keeping an eagle eye on my Redbubble store. If you have, you've already been doing better than me, I almost forgot I had one lol whoops.

I don't have a HUGE amount of new things to share for Crumbs currently as I've mostly been working on merchandise, miscellaneous artwork and getting through that good old SAD, the seasonal relative that you wish would rather just fuck off but decides to keep coming over and using up all your bog roll out of spite. BUT ANYWAY, another reason is because I've been working on something rather different: small animations for my pigeons! Just a heads up: this isn't going to take a... giffy.

Bugger, I wish gif WAS pronounced jif now, just for that crap joke to work. Anyway.

I've always been fascinated by the way a pigeon walks yet due to Salty's extremely blocky build, she wouldn't be able to walk in such a way. Or rather, I figured it would be more amusing personally to make her do a sort of waddle instead. It was definitely fun to animate anyway!
Oh, and to answer a question I got recently, this animation was seven frames. Yep. Obviously I duplicated the cycle for her to keep walking off shot but yeah, I was right when I said it was less than ten! I need to thank the kind person who said it looked very smooth because uuuhhh I'd definitely have neatened it up if it wasn't a rough. But thank you all the same!

And above we have some ideas I was floating around for maybe potential facebook stickers or something...? Again, I'd want to neaten them up a smidge but the main point was for me to get back into the animating groove and shake off some of the rust. I actually settled into it again quite quickly, almost like riding a bike. Come to think of it, it's been years since I've done that...
Either way, it was pretty fun! I#m definitely considering doing more once I have more merch out of the way.

Now, why was I animating, you might ask? Well, other than the fact that I am an animation Masters student that does like to dabble down that dark path from time to time, I had reserved a space at the aNEmates Show and Tell. aNEmates, started up by James Taylor of Arcus Studios, is a meetup of animators and creatives every couple of months or so where we network, talk abbout the industry/life and get drunk. It's a great way to meet new people with the same passions and interests! I've been attending as many as I could for the past two years now. The Show and Tell however was the first time where we could book a ten minute slot and present what we had worked on.

Naturally, I chose Crumbs to talk about because, lets be real, it's pretty much all I talk about. It's already the biggest section in this entry, like goddamn.

Photos courtesy of sweet beans Lucy Does Art and RabidNoodles

Honestly, I think I did rather well presenting this considering I'd had two and a half beers at this point and kept forgetting how words worked. But thankfully everyone seemed entertained enough! Crumbs is a project that, while personal, will hopefully bridge some gaps when it comes to mental health and finding how to be kind to ourselves while being self aware, that we mess up but we aren't monsters for it. When I had some people approach me and tell me of their own experiences with their mental health and how the pigeons are a great way to communicate things like this, it makes me hope that I'm on the right track. It was a wonderful night and it really inspired me to keep creating. Hopefully by the next meetup, I'll have some merchandise to shill!

Righto, I think that's all I have about Crumbs for this month. Onwards to the other art!


You might know this guy. He's kind of a big deal (although don't tell him I said that). This is my fiance Ruari O'Toole, beer specialist and future head brewer. He's a pretty good egg. He also makes some really sick ass atmospheric music under the handle, Bittercold. 

When I saw some of his album art, I wouldn't help but be inspired to draw my own take on it. Skulls are pretty much a big thing in this house of ours. They're surprisingly fun to draw! So I had to take a whack at it, which paid off as he used it as a bit of album art for one of his singles. Maybe I'll throw it on Redbubble or something, it's a pretty sick design on its own...

Anyway go give Bittercold a listen!  My favourite track, personally, is The Ghost At The Fireside.


For some reason, I really wanted to draw more cats and dogs. I mean why the hell not, they're cool, right? So I decided to do some fanart for Puglie, one of my inspirations that I will hopefully be able to actually purchase one of these days! I want one of those Puglie plushies... and probably everything else they have... hnnnggg

I also drew a sphinx cat because my friend and I began talking about them for some reason and I guess that inspired me to draw one. I've always loved their permanently grumpy faces. Although I'd be grumpy too if I was permanently naked and shoved into jumpers that probably itch like the dickens.

And finally, I got a non-Crumbs thing for Redbubble perhaps...? It might not be a bad idea to have some miscellaneous things in my store. Skulls are more fun for me to draw than they should be... mainly if they were made out of sheer procrastination like this one. Actually, I think I made it when I hit a brick wall with my aNEmates presentation. When you can't art, make more art!


So, I'm thinking a good way to end these blog entries from now on will be to share what I intend to do next month, whether it's art or life stuff or whatever. Off the top of my head I know for sure that I want to:

  • Do Hourly Comic Day (which is tomorrow TODAY it's after midnight, goddamnit)
  • Begin putting together merchandise
  • Open my Etsy shop
  • Upload more designs to Redbubble
  • Book tables at local conventions/markets
  • Finish my Inktober zine
  • Ehhh, probably more lmao
I'll be real with you guys, this entry was definitely more rushed than I intended. Mainly because I only had the idea to start a monthly blog within the last couple of days. February's entry will be a bit more organised and interesting, as hopefully I'll have more time to organise and add to the entry throughout the month and whatnot.

Also I have the plague, which doesn't help.

Anyhow, I'll catch you all next month! In the meantime, feel free to follow me on the links below. Take care and be good to yourselves, folks! <3

Friday, 12 October 2018

Inktober 2018: Week One

Ey yo Emma, you mcfreakin' dumbnass, you have a blog, maybe you should update that thing more...?

Haha seriously though, sorry for slipping on that. Hey peeps! As of right now, I've been working on Inktober, the yearly challenge where you do an art every day in October! I decided to challenge myself by 1. actually participating this year and 2. create some self care reminders for myself using my pigeons that could, hopefully, help others as well. It's been surprisingly fun to do and the feedback I've gotten has been so humbling and kind. I have plans to tidy up and print the pieces into a zine with more in depth analysis of the thought process once the month is up to sell online and at conventions.

That said, these ones will remain available for all, in case you need a reminder to go easy on yourself. Here is the first week! I'm over half way through the second week of Inktober and am still going on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

I might upload them to deviantArt and tumblr too, although the latter doesn't seem to actually enjoy uploading my artwork for some reason. Not sure what that's about but I'll see what I can do! In the meantime, take care! I'll probably update this next Monday with the next batch of wisdom for you all.