Thursday, 31 October 2019

October 2019

As the seasons change, so too does my body's immune system. I've been trying to get ill (or rather, my body has been fighting something off successfully enough that I don't actually GET ill but I still feel a bit rough. Guess the vitamins are working!) and while I've still gotten stuff done and been able to table at a convention, I haven't been on my A-Game.

Oh yeah, and I got glasses cos my eyes deteriorated like really bad. I legit thought it was the fibro giving me dry eyes. Way to human, Emma!

But I'm still doing my best to keep on top of things. I'm trying to accept when I'm having a bad day and not push myself only to make myself feel worse. I've started walking regularly and I find it's making a small difference! I get to see cool stuff like a white dove that hangs around the street to a really friendly 20 year old three legged cat and DOGS! SO MANY DOGS! Good beans all around.

... anywayyeahWISDOMS! Technically, the first wisdom was made last month so I'm cheating a tad buuuuuut screw it, haha. Besides, I actually missed this Monday's upload because I was too tired and ill so this balances it out, I suppose!

This Month's Wisdoms

Just like the moon, you’re still amazing
even if you have a few pieces missing.
Ain’t nothin’ stopping that glow!

Halloween is fun! But scary times can happen all year round.
You’ve already made it through this many Halloween’s,
you can totally make it through whatever’s scaring you now!
Spice believes in you!

As we go through life, we get better at the things
that intimidated us originally. With this knowledge in mind,
our new fears and insecurities can also be conquered in time!

How you treat yourself can affect how you treat others,
I heard. Doesn’t it make sense to be kind to yourself too?
You deserve to be friends with yourself as well as others!

Meet The Pigeons

So I decided to dedicate most of the month to sharing a little more about the pigeons themselves, as I've not really done so before now. Since Mondays are the weekly wisdom days, I decided to introduce the particular bird and their general mantras. Tuesdays had me uploading pics going a little more into them.



You can see these in the 'About' tab of the blog as well, should you ever wonder who the pigeons are in the future! The same info is featured in my 'Tag Yourself' introduction to the pigeons that I take to events and conventions. If there's any interest, maybe I'll make an A4 to sell... but I'll need to think about that.


I didn't have a lot of days to go on to really explore the pigeons in depth but I wanted to get their main... uh, deal out there. If that makes sense. Anyhow, Sugar, God bless her, is an embodiment of my exploration of my chronic pain diagnosis of Fibromyalgia. She's also pretty anxious a lot of the time and needs to be really REALLY ready to deal with other people. But she does her best, no matter what percentage her mental and physical batteries are at.


I used Spice's week as an excuse to market the ~*Halloween Exclusive Pumpkin Spice Charm*~ (Which as of now is NO LONGER AVAILABLE TO BUY until next year) which meant I didn't get too in depth with her character, yet her shamelessly promoting a product featuring her is actually pretty on point with her. Especially the dabbing.
She likes to give off the appearance of 'super chill but sometimes hyper lol' yet pretty much embodies the Jenna Marbles Too Much Virgo gene. She feels all the emotions and she feels them HARD.


Salty is interesting. I'm still trying to figure her out. I mean, she definitely relates to emotions of anger and irritability but also strong indifference to the point of not really giving much of a hoot. She's also very much into encouraging people to respect themselves more and teaching them how to establish boundaries in order to stop people taking advantage. Sometimes she subscribes to the point of tough love too much but she's working on that! Also don't tell her to smile. She physically can't. It's rude. Stop that.


Sweet is a rather shy birb that doesn't really want the spotlight on herself so instead, took one day to advertise the ~*Halloween Exclusive Pumpkin Spice Charm*~ and send good vibes out to everyone. She acts like a cartoon cloud and can actually form cloud shapes and when dissociating she can (inadvertently) break her own body apart when she's in a bad place and the other pigeons have to chase after the pieces and help her put herself back together again. She's working on that.


And finally, you can find out what their favourite hot drinks are! Because yes, that's important to know should one of them ever pop by for a cuppa sometime! Click on the pic to find out~

Normally I would talk about the featured product and link people to the page to buy it but since that was the ~*Halloween Exclusive Pumpkin Spice Charm*~ which is now NO LONGER AVAILABLE, I'll instead send a huge thank you to everyone who ordered one and hope that they enjoy it! If you missed out and still want one, I do still have some left over! Buuuuuuut, you'll need to wait until next year. I'll be selling that AND the new exclusive charm!

If you can't wait that long, I'll definitely get it made into a sticker at least. Maybe I'll make Halloween stickers for all year round cos they're awesome and I just wanna. Nyeh.

I did, however, make a new set of A5 prints, based off of my exhibition pieces from August. And here they are! You can buy them here!

Now to work on the ~*Christmas Exclusive Charm*~ ...


So I was featured in TWO interviews recently on the Envato Tuts+ website! One of which was about using my art for apparel and the other being an artist highlight about my work! It was really fun to do and it made me think more about creating clothing around my work. My work right now is only on Redbubble and I've admittedly put apparel on the back burner for the time being in order to focus on the art itself and smaller products. Perhaps I'll make shirts out of the more popular wisdoms, or even for 'Progress Not Perfection'. I know I fall back on that one a lot (I mention it in BOTH these interviews, heh) but it really helped not only kickstart Crumbs of Wisdom but also provided me with a mantra to live by when I'm hyperfocusing too much on a piece or a project.

Thanks to Daisy Ein for interviewing me! Go read more of her articles! And maybe play her game Tiny Bird Garden too!

You can read the interview about apparel HERE and my artist highlight HERE.

aNEmates Presentation

Photograph by Matthew Hammond

If you remember back in January, I did a presentation at the aNEmates first Show and Tell sharing my plans for crumbs and the animated work I'd done to practice making animated stickers. This is still a plan I have! Although I haven't made much more new work on the animated front, unfortunately. I did. however, share how much further Crumbs has become as a project, sharing the products I've created, photos of events I've been to and plans I have for the future!

Here are the gifs I featured in my presentation, along with some further detail on the 

aNEmates is a great place for animators, illustrators and creatives to just get together, shoot the breeze and drink. I always try to go when I can! Follow their facebook page to keep updated on future meetups and Show and Tells.

This Month's Event: Anime Attacks 9


I've been quite fortunate to get at least one event every month so far! This one was Anime Attacks in Gateshead and was a great event to go to! Very lovely people all around, some even helped me set up! This was the first event I went to where I only sold A5 sized prints and they do seem to do better than the A4 at events! So that's making me feel like I made the right choice there.


I definitely feel like I could use more products to sell and I'm banking on making fridge magnets and coasters soon. With any luck, I might be able to get them done before my next event. Here's hoping!

This was my first event without having someone at the table to help me/keep an eye on things so I didn't get a chance to really look around and see everyone's stuff once the doors were open. Hopefully I'll get the chance next year because I intend to table there again!

Next Month's Plans and Events

I'm waiting to hear back on a few details but November's event should be the Festive Fayre at St James' Park! It's the most expensive table I've paid for so far, so much so that I could only afford to table for the Saturday! So I'm hoping I do well at it at the very least. And I hope I'll be able to afford more days at events such as these in the future! Either way, the Instagram page has a lot of awesome stuff to look at, so mosey on over there, friendos! And feel free to say hi if you're going!
Also gonna use this event to test if card sales do well as I've finally purchased a card reader. About time, too! I've had a few people ask me if I accept card and I've had to say no. Well, not any more!

I'm also going to look into Tynemouth Market this month, a market (no duh) that hosts various kinds of stall every weekend. I've been told it's quite good towards artists and, if all goes well, a regular artist income would be veeeeeery beneficial! I'll no doubt announce when/if I'll have a stall.

With the festive season approaching, I need to get cracking on three things: Christmas cards, 2020 calendar and the ~*Christmas Exclusive Charm*~. I want to do coasters and fridge magnets as well but most likely when the before mentioned items are out of the way. Maybe if I have spare time. OOH, and I still haven't done my survey for my market research! I'll need people to take the survey about my business and get feedback on it. Keep an eye on my social media and I'll share it when it's ready. I'm still figuring out the questions, heh.

So, lets see that in a list, shall we? I feel like sharing my to-do list publicly will make me actually complete the darn thing.

~ Christmas Cards
~ Crumbs 2020 Calendar
~ Christmas Exclusive Charm
~ Survey about my business
~ Table at the Festive Fayre
~ Book table at Tynemouth Market
~ Actually set up my card reader lol oops

Well, that's all for now! If you want to keep on top of these updates, follow Moodypidge on the social medias in the tabs above. Otherwise, I'll see y'all next month! Look after yourselves and be good

Oh, and Happy Halloween!