Thursday 29 July 2021

Latest News June To July 2021

Okay so I've wanted to start over with my blog and instead of using it for content creation, I'm instead going to share the "Latest News" pieces that I have on the front page of my website.

And as I've had a few posts already, I'm just gonna put them all in this entry. It ain't that many.


1st June 2021

Last week, we reached the end of the Sensory Anthology Kickstarter and shot way way WAY over the intended goal!! I want to thank everyone who look at, shared and pledged to the campaign. Because of you, we’ll be able to share our experiences with so many people!

And thank you once again to Schnumn for including me in this amazing project.

>>>Click here to check out the Kickstarter<<<


21st June 2021

I’m taking this week off of uploading to catch up with some chores/art and rest up. I’ll be back next week with even more pride Wisdoms! In the meantime, check out the Crumbs of Wisdom page to see all I've done so far.


29th June 2021

In one of many efforts to make Crumbs of Wisdom as accessible as I can, I’ll be adding Alt text to the Wisdoms on my website. You can see the one's I've done so far in the Crumbs of Wisdom's page!


8th July 2021

Oh yeah, I have a YouTube channel... time to actually use the darn thing!

Last month, I revolved my Crumbs of Wisdom series into Pride related affirmations and reminders. I've also started putting my timelapses onto TikTok as well. I thought I'd make a compilation and share them on YouTube as well!


29th July 2021

The Moodypidge channel trailer is finished! I wanted to make one for YouTube and Twitch for a while now. It took me a little longer than usual as I wanted to use some effects in After Effects that I couldn't do on my iPad.

Nothing too fancy but it gets the job done, I think!